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Revenue Cycle Management

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The revenue that actually comes into your office needs to go through a complex process, from the confirmation of patient eligibility to the actual collection of claims. A single failure anywhere in the process results in a delay in the income you need to run your practice. Without the right Revenue Cycle Management system and protocols, your office will struggle, even if your providers are seeing plenty of patients and billing regularly each month. In addition to simply missing out on timely payment, the wrong approach to Revenue Cycle Management can result in costly fines and legal issues as well.

Potential Revenue Cycle Management Issues

If your practice is struggling with billing or revenue issues, the following factors may be to blame:

Inadequate staff training: Every part of your billing cycle matters, so a single mistake by staff at any point will delay payment. From data entry to coding errors, if your staffers are not revenue cycle experts, you’ll experience payment delays – or miss out on some payments entirely.

Miscommunication: Both physicians and office staffers need to be aware of the financial aspects of the practice and the best practices for inputting and tracking information.

Inefficient workflow: Are you checking patient eligibility prior to the appointment, or waiting until the patient arrives and hoping for the best? Are your front desk staffers collecting the right amount of copay or relying on the patient to provide the correct amount? If you do not have a process in place for tracking the patient care experience from the moment the patient makes the appointment until the time they leave the office, you are likely missing some crucial steps. Inefficient or haphazard patient workflow canals impact your HIPAA compliance and leave your practice exposed to a variety of legal complaints and issues.

Lack of understanding of the claim process: Does your team know what to do when a claim is denied by an insurer? What happens when a patient doesn’t pay –can your team handle cash collections? Managing denied claims and payments can take up a huge chunk of time, but if these issues are not addressed, your practice loses money.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Outsourcing your revenue management allows you to spend less time worrying about not only billing, but the entire claims and revenue process. Once you have a revenue cycle management solution in place, you are free to concentrate on building your practice and invest more of your time in patient care.

The Core MD partners team combines the latest technology with highly experienced coding technicians and billing experts to elevate your revenue processes and ensure that you are truly reaping the rewards of your hard work. Our multimodal process ensures that you’ll never worry or wonder about payment and that your in-house office staff can focus on the patient experience.

If you’re tired of coping with ever-changing regulation and getting lost in the maze of coding and claims, we can create a custom solution designed to ease the burden and help you love your practice again. Contact us to set up a consultation and learn what our advanced revenue cycle management solutions can do for you; our goal is to help you focus on what you do best.

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