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OSHA Compliance Surges On Capitol Hill As Members Focus On Safety For Their Employees, Visitors

“In the past, we’ve found serious fire hazards such as blocked sprinkler heads, stacks of paper on heaters, fire doors obstructed by furniture, and outlets with exposed live wires. ...

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Are You In Compliance With OSHA’s New Confined Space Standard For The Construction Industry?

While the general industry standard and the construction standard have many similarities, some key differences are: The construction standard requires coordination when there are multiple employers at the worksite....

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OSHA aims $92,400 in fines at Baldwin County contractor

“It is extremely disturbing that, after a dozen inspections and a workplace fatality, Mega Construction continues to violate OSHA’s fall protection requirements,” Joseph Roesler, OSHA’s area director in Mobile,...

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Today’s OSHA updates explained

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