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CoreMD Feature Article

Will Your Malpractice Coverage Help Protect You in the Event of a Government Audit?

Recently, I have been involved in a disappointing experience concerning Malpractice Insurance coverage for a group of two physicians. Upon a situation that developed, this small physician group learned that they were not adequately covered and it was a devastating experience for all involved…


Complimentary Reference Guide for "Incident To" Billing

Does your practice have the correct billing supervision?

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  • Business Development
  • Provider Marketing


  • Assist in obtaining financing
  • For Ancillary Services- Assist in setup of additional ancillary services that generate additional revenue to the practice.

Operational Services

  • Assist in starting physician practices
    • Assist in negotiating office leases
    • Assist in obtaining professional liability insurance
  • Assist in hiring and firing of office staff
  • Provide office staff
  • Assist in obtaining supplies
  • Recruiting physician partners
  • Governing Board development and facilitation


Digital Resources

Federal Agency – stay on top of proposed regulations, announcements,

rulemaking negotiations, determinations, and interpretations.

Office of Inspector General: Information on Audits, Investigations, Inspections

and exclusions.

Texas Medical Association– Alliance for all physicians

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services– fee schedules, rules, and regulations

Texas Medical Board– Latest updates and License look-up

Exclusion Screening – A simple and inexpensive solution to the costly and complicated requirements

relating to the screening of employees, contractors and vendors for exclusion,

suspension and debarment related issues.