OSHA Compliance Surges On Capitol Hill As Members Focus On Safety For Their Employees, Visitors

“In the past, we’ve found serious fire hazards such as blocked sprinkler heads, stacks of paper on heaters, fire doors obstructed by furniture, and outlets with exposed live wires.  We are not talking about paper cuts, or too many extension cords strung together in a daisy chain. We are talking about serious hazards that have plagued Congressional offices for years,” said Peter Ames Eveleth, General Counsel of the Office of Compliance.

Eveleth also said that Members are serious about setting an example that they will live by the laws that regulate other employers.  “Many Members are not only concerned with the safety of their employees and visitors, but they also want to send a message to employers and employees in their states and districts that Congress will live by the laws that apply to employers in the private sector and the Executive Branch.”

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