OSHA Regulations Seek To Prevent Large-Scale Industrial Tragedies

As could be expected, significant OSHA regulations (such as PSM) are lengthy and complex, but an overview is a good jump-start for compliance. For openers, PSM-compliant process refers to any activity involving using, storing, manufacturing, handling or moving such chemicals at the site. At “covered” companies this specifically includes ones dealing with 130 plus toxic and reactive chemicals, as well as flammable liquids and gases in quantities of at least 10,000 pounds.

The importance of HHC incident prevention by OSHA is underscored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) having instituted very similar Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations. PSM generally centers on a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), essentially a review of what could go wrong and safeguards to prevent incidents, beginning with identifying and evaluating chemicals presenting the greatest risk first.

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